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Examination Regulations

Exam Regulations

The Cambridge Center of Excellence provides effective assistance in the processing of your international examinations. These regulations present an outline on what is expected of you before and during the examinations. Our brand as the strongest training institution on the continent is largely dependent on the successful outcome of examinations written by our students all over the world, and these regulations should guide you in your preparation towards this objective.

1.1 Students are required to process their international examinations but the Center provides supervision to ensure the right thing is done. A step-by-step guide has been provided for all courses to walk you through the stages of the exam processing. Do not hesitate to ask your supervisor for help if you come across any difficulty during the process. This is why we are here. Remember, our #1 core value is student-first.

1.2 Students are required to make arrangement for Visa, Mastercard or any applicable medium to make payments for their membership and examinations.

1.3 Students must make a note of their exam dates, time and venue of appointment as well as all documents and IDs that will be required at the exam center. It is good practice to appear 30 minutes before your exam appointment.

1.4 We highly recommend a day’s visit to the exam center in order to establish knowledge of its location and to fraternize with the environment prior to the exam day.

2.1 We require students with a physical challenge or disability to make provision for their consideration during the appointment process, and ensure they are satisfied with the arrangements.

2.2 Students who will have to travel from their locations to a different region or state to take their examination must make necessary arrangement for their accommodation. In making hotel reservations, kindly ensure the safety and security of the hotel and its vicinity. Your serenity while you prepare for the exam is most valuable to us.

3.1 If by reason of illness or some other displacement a student cannot take the exam on the day of appointment, you must take the step to reschedule your appointment immediately and pay the applicable penalty. Please note that any further delay will increase the penalty fee.

Although regulations may differ from exam to exam and center to center, these are some common practices to observe.

4.1 Remember to make every effort to be present at the exam venue well in advance before your appointment begins.

4.2 Remember to carry your photo ID, preferably a passport or a driver’s license, which was referenced in the application process. Take note that the names you inputted in the exam processing must match with the names in the photo ID.

4.3 It is always best to carry a copy of your appointment letter – just in case. If the appointment was emailed to you, kindly print out and carry along.

4.4 Remember you are subject to the authority of the invigilators at the exam center. If you are not sure of something, don’t hesitate to ask.

4.5 It is highly recommended to leave any device, media player or wearable technology back at home as these items will not be allowed in the exam room. You must also remember to put your phones off and place, along with any other item you may carry, in a designated pigeon hole the invigilator may show you.

4.6 Find out from your exam prep supervisor in advance which items will be provided by the exam center such as pens, rough sheets, calculators so you can make the necessary preparations.

4.7 In the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, you will be required to be in nose mask before entry. Endeavour to observe all safety protocols for your own protection and the protection of others.

4.8 Finally, ensure you are in a good mood on the exam day. Talk to people who inspire you. Don’t quarrel with your husband, wife or girlfriend. If she provokes you, don’t mind her. Pretend not to see. In fact, play dead 😊

5.1 If you come across any anomaly in your particular instance while taking the exam, don’t hesitate to notify the invigilator. An anomaly may include a deficiency with the computer system you are using or that the exam is presented in a language other than your chosen language. You may attract the attention of the invigilator by raising your hand.

5.2 Kindly notify the invigilator if you wish to attend to nature’s call. If you vacate the exam room without the invigilator’s permission, your absence may be deemed withdrawal from the exam. You may not be re-admitted to the exam room.

5.3 For examinations that provide instant results after completion, you are kindly requested to stay calm in order not to disturb other candidates taking the exam in the same room as you. When you come out, the whole world is yours!


Remember, we need you to pass your exams. Stay well and stay safe.

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