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A Brief History

The Cambridge Center of Excellence was founded as a postgraduate training institution on May 15, 2012 with a mandate to advance learning in professional and executive education, promote sound industry and academic standards and support research work in Africa and among Africans in the diaspora.

The Institution was originally set up to connect Africa’s industrial revolution to the project revolution already taking place from the Middle East and some parts of Asia; to collaborate in project research and exchange programs and to advance proper management frameworks and practices among industries. As a Center of Excellence, the institution’s preliminary aim was pivoted on the advancement of Traditional and Agile frameworks as a recommendation for industrial innovation and invention.

The institution sited its first Center of Excellence in Accra-Ghana on Monday November 12, 2012 with the mission of raising the next generation of Industry leaders to contribute to Africa’s revolution in collaboration with research efforts spearheaded by other bodies. Other initiatives that were designed for implementation included strengthening the linkage between Industry and Academia so that Institutions of higher learning could produce the required skill sets needed by businesses and organizations; there was also the initiative to empower research so academic institutions can be empowered in knowledge construction and content delivery; a final initiative involved advocacy for favorable Government policy to facilitate the needed growth in both Academia and Industry.

The Cambridge Center of Excellence is currently the leading Project Management Training Institution in Africa with the Chamber of Project Management, Research and Innovation as its first interest representation subsidiary. Our faculty for Human Resource Development is also growing and rapidly catching on. The Center is widely celebrated for its strength in industry-oriented content delivery and exam preparation.

In a space of 8 years, the institution has trained over 8,000 personnel enrolled on regular and distance education programs in various disciplines of Project Management, Innovation and Human Resource Management who continue to excel, making the Cambridge Center of Excellence the training institution of choice.

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