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The Cambridge Center of Excellence

The Cambridge Center of Excellence is a leading professional training institution with a strong focus on continuous education and capacity-building for the working class to enable organizations create a highly skilled workforce.

The institution was founded as a postgraduate institution to provide industry-relevant training services, develop employee competencies and offer cutting-edge skills to individuals and teams across multiple sectors.

The Center offers two (2) main categories of courses:

Professional Courses and
Executive Education

Professional Courses are global exam-based courses that require students to sit for an international examination after completion of course. The curriculum is largely based on foundational standards and guides of the examining bodies. Students on a given course program are certified by the respective examining body contingent on writing and passing the required examinations. One prime focus of the Cambridge Center of Excellence is our commitment towards excellence that ensures that all of our students write and pass the international examinations. Which is why the Center has one of the strongest Exam Prep units that continuous to guide and monitor students’ preparation towards examinations.

Our executive education are non-exam professional development short courses that are focused on building competencies to bridge knowledge and skill gaps in specific areas of weakness or challenge so individuals and teams execute tasks with greater efficiency. Our continuous use of innovative and integrated approach of teaching and capacity-building is designed to bring out employee creativity, boost confidence and promote the profile and reputation of organizations. Executive courses are internally certified by the institution.

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