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Our Policies

The Cambridge Center of Excellence is committed to its quality assurance policy by ensuring that the right standards in research, content creation and content delivery are properly adhered to at all times. The institution has systems in place to improve and ensure continuous improvement in all of its performance both in administration and service delivery.

Once a student has been admitted into any of the institution’s program, they have a right to cancel their admission by informing their respective coordinators before the start of the course. Cancellation within this period entitles the student to a full refund of any paid fees without the application or registration fee. Refund is however not possible if a student has started a module on the course. In a situation of a leave of absence, the student will be required to defer the course to a later date. This is not applicable in situations of a 100% money-back guarantee.

The health, safety, security and convenience of our students are our top priorities. Students travelling to another location for any of our in-person physical courses, unless otherwise stated, may have to make their own arrangement for accommodation if no such preparation exist prior to the start of the class. Students will have to conduct due diligence to ensure the security of hotels. In covid-19 pandemic era where mobility restriction is highly advised, it will be better for students to opt for our online classes.

The institution seeks to promote an academic and work environment free of sexual harassment for all students, workers, faculty and staff. We expect all individuals to be treated with respect and dignity and abhor any action that are generally construed as sexual harassment or sexual abuse in the institution.

The Cambridge Center of Excellence encourages qualified students with disabilities or physical challenges to apply for its programs. The provision of supportive physical structures and a conducive learning environment is the entire responsibility of the center. Applicants with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, neurological disorders or any other disability that impacts on learning or the very case of a given course should communicate promptly to their respective coordinators.

Every institution leverages on a strong and an effective communication system to keep its brand alive and to ensure the success of its programs. The Cambridge Center of Excellence utilizes various commercial media including but not limited to TV, Radio, Newsprints, Billboards, Magazines, Web, Social Media, Video Commercials, Media Relations in order to reach out to the larger population. The institution also uses emails, text messages, instant messaging services to reach out to registered students to keep them informed on their courses. Photos and images captured during class sessions are also used in our promotional materials.

The Cambridge Center of Excellence is determined to provide not only quality in our content delivery but also excellence and professionalism in providing customer service to the public and an overall learning experience to our students. The feedback we receive from our students and clients helps us measure the effectiveness of our services in meeting stakeholder needs and expectations. Praise is always welcome; constructive criticism is also helpful in building a solid image.

To accomplish this mission, staffs must abide by the procedures for responding to customer feedback in real time and ensure that issues do not fall through the cracks. Administrative Teams, Line Managers, Service Delivery Teams and Members of the Professional Faculty must treat every interaction as an opportunity to build a strong image and produce a satisfied customer. A satisfied customer is one who feels that he or she was listened to and taken seriously.

Staff must anticipate the needs of our students and plan before they ask.

Treat every student with respect.

Speak cheerfully.

Listen carefully and attentively to the requests and concerns being expressed.
Communicate honestly. If you are not in command of the nature of the request, politely refer the matter to the appropriate office.

Serve with commitment and high ethical standards. Ensure proper follow-through.

In our quest to promote relevant knowledge and skill we need to establish strong industry evidence in order to incorporate same in content delivery and transmission. We are committed to cogent research that offers cutting edge skills to industrial practitioners.

To accomplish this mission, all lecturers, facilitators and instructors work with international research procedures, standards and guidelines. Our research methods utilize thorough stakeholder consultation in order to produce performance-driven modules.

At the heart of the learning environment is the safety and health of all players. Which is why we are committed to ensuring the highest safety and health protocols for all our students and staff. As such, all activities that are carried out on the institution’s premises or learning centers should be managed in order to avoid foreseeable and unforeseeable risks to anybody within a given space. The institution also does its best to communicate all safety and health protocols with clear instructions. The responsibility for managing risks fall on all stakeholders including institution’s administration, workers and students.

In line with Covid-19 protocols, all lectures of the center are being held online in order to limit mobility. We will be updating this policy from time to time as solution to the pandemic evolves. We encourage all our students to observe safety protocols wherever they are and limit mobility as much as they can.

We have a policy of maintaining our facilities at all times. It is our responsibility to ensure that all buildings and infrastructure are in good conditions. Any digging, paving, filling or activity that affects the built environment of the institution must obtain permit from the Estate department.

The unique selling proposition of the Cambridge Center of Excellence is our mentoring and prepping of student candidates to write and pass their international examinations. Students are entitled to 3-months of non-stop prepping from our Exam Prep unit. If for any reason you may not be able to write the exam within a specified period, kindly communicate to your assigned exam prep supervisor in order to be put on a different schedule.

The Cambridge Center of Excellence uses the Azura Learning Management System to improve lecturer-student communication and collaboration, administer continuous lessons and to increase productivity. Students are encouraged to sign-up on Azura and add their courses to their account.

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