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Students’ Networking Experience

The Students’ Networking Experience

Different Professionals, Different Organizations

The Cambridge Center of Excellence offers postgraduate courses that bring professionals from different and diversified industries together to engage, interact, fraternize, share ideas and collaborate on projects.
Our Project Management courses bring professionals and artisans from the mining sector, construction, engineering, oil and gas, telecommunications, banking, manufacturing, agriculture, health, research, education, IT, central and local government, among others. Our Human Resources courses bring HR Directors, Managers and directors from top global organizations together in one class to discuss and share ideas.

The center brings all these professionals together and promotes platforms and associations for students to build networks that offer real time value even after school. There are vibrant alumni groups that engage relevant discussions on WhatsApp, Facebook and other interactive platforms.

Different People, Different Cultures

In today’s all-inclusive global experience, learning to collaborate with people from different cultures is essential for professional growth. The Cambridge Center of Excellence has students and faculty members from over 20 nationalities.

We embrace diversity and incorporate ideas and insights from different cultural perspectives in order to give our students a truly international education. We believe that academia is not only limited to the content of a curriculum. We believe that openness to different cultures breeds acceptance, tolerance and understanding in order to create a culture of diversity.

The Cambridge Center provides a rich opportunity for our students to nurture an international network in order to create global opportunities and international markets, lower trade barriers and expand businesses across the globe.

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