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Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a world-class institution in professional and executive education with a strong focus on Africa and Africans in the diaspora.

Our Mission

To raise the next generation of technocrats and thought leaders through industry-focused training, research and incubation.

We aspire to become Africa’s biggest training institution offering the largest, richest and most diversified portfolio of training packages across all industries on the continent. We believe that strong and industry-focused capacity-building is fundamental to bridging the gap and addressing the continent’s inadequacies as majority of the nations strive towards a middle-income status.

As a training institution, we place priority on the career success of our stakeholders and strive to instill a sense of purpose and achievement in them. We manage and maintain strategic relationships with globally reputable professional bodies in order to create opportunities for individuals and teams who seek professional accreditation for their skills and profession.

Our Core Values


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We believe in continuous innovation in a rapidly changing environment by continually adapting our modules, training pedagogy and case studies to changing times and seasons in order to develop skills that are in touch with current flow and relevant to the season.

Skill as an Asset

We believe an organization’s most important resource in service delivery and the building of its brand is its workforce. Positioning ourselves in building relevant skills in individuals and teams is a demonstration of our unyielding commitment to partner institutions for growth.


We are committed towards providing quality and excellence at all times from administration to student management to service delivery with the professionalism and integrity well-deserved among our students.


We have a desire to cultivate and instill a sense of purpose and direction in our students. Our vision allows us to offer Career Guidance to our students who need clarity with their career path.


We believe ultimate success is achieved beyond academic study or industrial training. The ability for our students to onboard newly acquired skills and apply knowledge principles in a practical situation is paramount to us and fundamental to our service.


We believe that feedback is relevant at all times in order to improve on our service and service delivery. Our evaluation systems encourage anybody who have made contact with us to offer us feedback for continuous improvement and help us stay relevant.

Critical Thinking

We foster appropriate critical deliberations, diversities and differences in opinion towards problem solving both on the administrative level and on the service delivery level.


We believe that teamwork is critical for organizational success. This is exemplified in the way we do things here at the Cambridge Center of Excellence. All our training modules are designed to place premium on team-building.

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